Sharing is the purest form of Love

My dear friends, readers, fellow bloggers and believers in Love, I would like to address you with a small request that would mean the world to me. You all know how much my heart belongs to the Middle East, especially Iraq and Palestine. Today, my poetry ebook Cacophony of my soul has been published and… Continue reading Sharing is the purest form of Love


Human sexuality

My reaction to Human sexuality is a very complex thing and something we are the most vulnerable about. We should be able to be who we are with our partners and they should accept us as such. Revealing our "dark" side to the person we are going to spend our lives with enhances and… Continue reading Human sexuality


Thank you for supporting Love and Dreams

I have started this blog officially six years ago, but haven't published it until recently. To be quite honest with you, I haven't realized there is a publishing "button". It took me years in between posts, it was something I planned to send to my friend Dima as a virtual cookbook. Then, it started to… Continue reading Thank you for supporting Love and Dreams