Message in the bottle

Your love
should never be offered to the mouth of a stranger,
only to someone who has the valour​ and daring
to cut pieces of their soul off with a knife
then weave them into a blanket to protect you.

It is love
packed in a container
that can be broken into​ pieces
just like the heart.
Unprepared for the sudden
for the unforeseen​ loss
that is served on the platter of flirtation
while entering the contest of pain.

In the world where everybody can feign
feelings and deny the truth,
I feel like the winter sky,
gloomy and intimidating,
but hiding all the brightest starts within me.
My eyes, on occasion​,
would ablaze with​​ excitment,
hoping for the new love to let my shine free.
It is my heart that needs a lot of persuassion,
because its pain will hurt me again…

©Tatjana Ostojic



“Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast fields of light… And let it breathe.”

Daunted by the
depth of the shallowness of your heart,
I chose the wings of freedom
to lead me to belief and faith,
to the deserted island of my sentiments,
of memories that wanted to
feed on the wrecks of sunken ships…

Melting myself in the colours of sunset,
becoming one with the rocks I’m sitting on…
Sinking in my own reminiscence of your smile,
your lips and your smell…
Not missing you, not longing for you,
but grieving for the dreams that held the image of
the darkest brown eyes.
Perhaps I was your one as you called me…
People say that a man can be happy
with any woman
but the one he truly loves…

© Tatjana Ostojic


Moments of Love

Monuments of the past falling.
Obscure visions become the obvious desires.
Mornings become the endings of the passionate nights.
Endings become the beginning of the ability to understand.
Nothing but everything becomes important.
Trust becomes a mandate.
Sympathy becomes an art of life.
Open heart becomes an obstacle.
Fear becomes the best friend.
Loving him becomes my profession.
Validation and



It is the peace, brother, that I wish to you,
when you greet me with a smile
and wish peace to be upon me.

Such a simple word with so much meaning,
with so much power to change
the most colourless days
in the life of an ordinary human.

It is peace, sister, that I wish to you,
when you greet me with a cup of tea
and ask me how I am,
adding – InshAllah good and throw
water on the street behind my steps.

It is peace in people that bring peace to life.
All the cruelty comes from weakness
and being unable to say – salam.

I leave you in peace, Baghdad,
and to that, I shall always say – my.
Your core is humane and precious,
even you yourself didn’t receive much compassion
of those who wanted to abuse
your famous and celebrated name.

Salam to you,
people of Baghdad,
may God bless you with the splendours of the future,
as he did in the past.
Let the Tigris river flow centuries ahead
and bring peace and serenity
to those seeking love and empathy…



City of words

  • Written in Baghdad, the city of wisdom and beauty.


In thousands of years
of blood, peace and
swords of the pen,
this city survived with dignity and pride.

The tranquility in moments of destruction
brings the stillness to my frightened heart.
It is all the part of Baghdad’s seduction,
once you are here, you can never be apart.

My Baghdad still standing tall,
beautiful and shiny,
like the knight on a white horse
I was waiting to save me.

We might go different ways,
to pursue our own dreams and hopes,
but you will always stay with me
as a witness that no ropes
can tie you and keep you imprisoned
if your spirit does not bend.

I am leaving you, Scheherezade,
to continue your infinite story,
to buy yourself another day,
another life
and use your wisdom against those who don’t own it.

The city of words that never disappear,
that survive centuries being solid,
unchanged and fearless,
to show that you can be yourself
in fields of pretenders…

Photo: Tigris river at sunset, 1968 by Old Iraqi Pictures on Twitter 




  •  Written in Baghdad, inspired by the great Al Mutanabbi.


Greatest poets
lived here among these walls full of
ornaments, arabesques,
that are fading due to time and negligence.

If you listen well, you still can hear them,
verbally struggling who will be louder,
who will say something as magnificent
to be spread among coming generations.

They couldn’t possibly know that rare would be able
to replace them and never to reach
that brightness of thinking
and urge for the truth.




I could stay like this forever,
with just your body wrapped around mine
instead of clothes.

What is it about you that makes me addicted
to your lips,
that taste like mango and pineapple.
Your beard gently tickling me,
and making me want to smile.

Aphrodite and Adonis of modern time,
our hearts bleed in fragrances of musk,
desiring this sacred union of
two bodies and one soul.

The Gardens of Eden are nothing
as your hands around my head,
holding me gently not to fall
under your spells.

I can’t not surrender to you,
for you are all the love and passion I know.
You are the water that quenches my thirst
and surprises me with a tingle of sweetness.



  • Written in Baghdad, inspired by its timeless beauty.


I was listening to Bach,
staring at the emerald green Tigris.
I have touched the water,
cold and refreshing as a sudden
summer rain.

I sat down to watch it…
What a peace I felt!
Still, everyone back home was telling me to take care of myself,
and not to trust anyone.

How can we live in the world without trust? Without kindness?
Without love? Without understanding?

Why can’t we learn from this water, that takes the shape
of everything it is passing through?
Becoming one with its pattern, modeling itself
according to changes it passes?

I am like water. I adjust everywhere.
Entire world is my home
for I have a strong self -identity
and fear nothing but the rage of God.

I am like water,
free and without chains,
without prejudice and judgment.
I am flowing in freedom,
through freedom
and happiness is my weapon.



Fierce and unmistakable, merciless fighter.
Still mortal. Like the weak, sensitive me.
What is made of flesh and blood is
sentenced to softness and effortlessly hurt.
Don’t fool yourself, thinking only because you have sharp teeth
that you are safe.

Perhaps I, in all my tenderness,
am much stronger than the strongest you.
Maybe because I live with my heart on my sleeve,
God protects me and never leaves my side.

Enjoy your sharpness, wit, and masculine power.
Oh, it suits you so well!
What saddens me, really breaks me apart,
is that is just an image for you to keep.



We aren’t children anymore
and like children we behave.
I know you are as scared as me,
thinking how this possibly can be true?

When a string of fate
unfolds out of nowhere,
fear becomes the air we breathe.
I called you in my dreams for years,
never knowing to tell my visions and reality apart.

You gave me strength when I was
the weakest of all.
Like a hurt elephant,
like a fallen firefly.
Still… There was life in me.

How many times I’ve kissed you
with my eyes closed…
While sleeping and dreaming
the real dreams that will
be ours very soon.

You brought light to me
in the time of the darkness of my heart.
The pain I suffered for someone else,
you turned into desire for you.

A master of the game called love,
a strength of the weak
and weakness of the strong.
You still live in me.
My old visions now have
a face that perfectly matched
the scenery and the plot.