Two strangers holding hands

You are so close to me
and yet we are so far.
Like two strangers sharing the same roof,
I am beginning to resent you.

I don’t want to hate you,
but to hate we are headed,
to indifference,
to not wanting to care
about what will happen to another.

How did we become so cold
after all that love?
Maybe we never knew how to love,
or we loved too much and got burned?

So many answers need to be found.
But, I can’t deal with reality now.
I want to daydream about our
passionate mornings
when nothing existed but our two bodies
desiring the other.

I long for your hands…
I miss your touches and I don’t dare to say that.
Can’t you feel that by yourself?
Why it is so hard to talk to you now?
As if you were a completely different man…



5 thoughts on “Two strangers holding hands

  1. Really true the line between love and hate is so thin.too easy to switch from love to hate but may be quite natural as well as both carry a deep feeling towards the other person……I suppose you would never go from deep love to indifference.

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