From one chocolate addict to another…

I like the simple things in life. Our arrogance prompts us to find unnecessary complexity and complications in everything. I really have a hard time understanding why we consider everything that is complicated impressive. Simplicity in cooking (and in life) brings the best results and makes a cook a genius (at least until you burn something in your oven again).

One of those simple, yet genius culinary products is a chocolate mousse. Decadent in the sense of the word and the enjoyment of the true decadence once it finds itself on our tongue. When you look at it and dissect it in pieces, it is only some whipped cream and chocolate… But, we all know it is more than that. Now, I know making a mousse this way is degrading to a recipe and disrespectful to all those wonderful culinary visionaries and masters because I don’t use eggs in preparation of mine nor some alcoholic beverages.

So, if you expect a real chocolate mousse recipe, this isn’t the one. But, it is divine. It is thick, fluffy and luscious. Makes a sort of an explosion in your mouth, somehow feels like the Cadbury Bubbles passionately kissing the Nestlé Aero. When talking about kissing and associating this dessert with love, this dessert is perfect for you in case you enjoy making anniversary, Valentines, or any other love-related dinner. You can serve it in a beautiful glass, decorate it with some sliced strawberries, some whipped cream, and dark chocolate shavings. Also, if making it, you could invite me as well, to be the third wheel 🙂 

Almost perfect fake chocolate mousse recipe

ingredients: 100 grams of dark chocolate, 100 grams of milk chocolate, 3 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon of strong coffee, 350 ml of heavy whipping cream, 1/2 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Melt both chocolates over the bain-marie (a fancy term for good old water bath). Remove from the heat and mix with coffee, milk, and vanilla.

Whip the cream as you like. I prefer it a little denser and thicker as compared to the soft peaks consistency. I shall leave that decision to you. Fold in your whipped cream in the melted chocolate and put into serving glasses or containers. Decorate (or don’t decorate) as you like.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe made for those who love and dream and aren’t afraid to share their passions with those dear to them. With love, Tatjana.



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