It takes courage to love

I lost myself

in the music that your eyes played

so skillfully, softly…

So passionate

that I couldn’t be but loving you.

Falling in love is for amateurs,

those who don’t know what love is,

those who are afraid they will lose

freedom and their mind

for the sake of the other.

I dared to love,

because only brave and strong can.

Without asking anything in return,

without being scared, without being hurt,

with all logic and reason.

It makes me a superior sky diver.

Only love can give us wings, even if we love alone.


7 thoughts on “It takes courage to love

  1. taking the bull by its horns,
    is like falling in love,
    realising it is true,
    when you’re not
    tossed aside!
    © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

    Thank you for evoking a memory, I asked my then girlfriend’s dad for her hand in marriage. His reply, was indeed a, “Yes”, followed by, “You do realise you are taking the bull by the horns, good luck son”! Well 48 years now and still hanging on, not to horns though, yes, to each other!
    Take care, thanks for the follow, nice to meet you,


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