Cold endings

I’ve always thought that you were

sculpted by fire

and carved by passion.

There was something about you

that was bursting of heat

and conquering attention

of every loving, romantic heart.

And I thought I was smart enough

to know your soul, to dive into your depths.

We always see the world through our own eyes,

and I am, perhaps, too innocent

and too naive for this period in time.

You froze my heart.

With just one word you sent me apart to infinity,

to eternity without you.

You, that I believed could be everything I ever hoped for in a man.

It is a shame,

for I believe there is a sensible, artistic and soft nature

behind this proud look

that you successfully hide.

Or it is just me, the fantasizing heart

that just wanted to live the dream

while loving someone who loves her back…



6 thoughts on “Cold endings

  1. Very deep post👏🏻 your post this is so impressive and fantastic, this piece is so deep ” to know your soul, to dive into your depths.” It is really wow. Thank you for sharing this words, it has shaken me while reading. Keep the great work up, Tatjana👍😊

    Liked by 1 person

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