Philosopher by profession. Writer by passion. Poet who is inspired by beauty and love. Linguist who is convinced that language is the most massive and inclusive skill we learn. Dreamer who believes love and kindness can change the world. Traveller who enjoys exploring, touching the unknown and unseen. Metaphysician who is interested in existence, space and time, cause and possibility. Spiritualist who cares about the depth of mind and soul, rather than the obvious. Art addict from architecture to seven liberal arts. History sniffer. Mermaid who is infatuated by the sea. Nature escapist. Romantic who is enticed, allured and enchanted by the matters of the human heart. Believer in endless mercy, acceptance, and love of God. Experimentalist who often indulges and loses herself in gastronomical adventures…

Amoris et Somniorum ( lat. ) – my world made of  Love and Dreams. Welcome !